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Protection from the sun, wind and rain

Louvre roofs for all weather conditions

The Louvred Roof is an ingenious mechanism that transforms from a solid water proof covering to an open garden trellis or Pergola style covering, giving light, ventilation, and views of the clear sky above. All this takes place at the touch of a button giving you complete flexibility of your light and weather control needs for any outdoor living area, allowing you to control your environment.

Complimenting our superior craftsmanship, SunSpec uses only the best materials that can withstand Australia's powerful elements and last through the years. This includes marine-grade aluminum that cannot rust, is strong with corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners and a high quality powder coating instead of ordinary paint, which means added protection with no cracking, peeling, bubbling or the need to repaint.

Remote controlled opening and closing roofs put you in control of your environment.

Patio and carport roofing for permanent rain and sun protection is a eco solution with numerous energy efficient benefits as well as creating a stylish, comfortable and functional living or workspace.

Additional features and benefits

  • Available in multiple colours. Integrates with existing architecture and can be free standing, attached or incorporated into your current solid roof. Louvre roofs can be installed flat, pitched or gabled, even vertically for privacy wall screening and wind protection.
  • Each louvre rotates over 170 degrees giving you the ability to stop anywhere, perfectly controlling light, shade and ventilation.
  • Each SunSpec Louvred Roof comes standard with an industry 10 year warranty.
  • Our louvre system offers a range of positions between open and fully closed, at the push of a button.
  • Adds protection for your window coverings, flooring and furniture from the weather.
  • Reduces interior cooling costs by shading exterior walls from the summer heat.
  • Allows rising hot air and high winds to pass through (unlike regular solid roofs).
  • When the louvres are completely closed, the system is water tight offering complete protection from the rain, just as a solid patio covering would.
  • We use marine grade aluminium in our system. Each component is powder-coated allowing the system to withstand Australia's highly corrosive environment, and is easy to clean and maintain.

How it works

A small motor rotates each louvre blade in unison over 170 degrees with the ability to stop anywhere in the range of motion. This allows a precise regulation of light, shade, shelter and ventilation. When closed, the interlocking louvre blades create a waterproof seal, and a slight pitch drains water away into the internal gutter system. The motor is powered by a 24 volt transformer and controlled by either a switch or remote control.

insulated louvre outdoor roof awnings insulated louvre outdoor roof awnings

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Customer reviews

 I am extremely happy and satisfied with the new trellises. It’s exactly what I needed. Thank you. Paul

 It looks and runs perfectly! We’ve had great comments from friends and neighbours. You can expect some calls from them. Jeff

 I want to thank you for your professionalism and care. I’m over the moon with quality of the work. Judy

 We are ecstatic with the new shade system! It turned out even better than we anticipated. We are very happy. Vern & Jill

 The installation looks great and we love how it looks when the louvres open. The guys did a great job. Paul